Unbelievable: Prisoner Cuts Off His Penis Inside His Cell Sparking 26-Hour Bid to Save Organ

A man who was already serving a jail term for committing a grievous crime has shocked people by cutting off his penis.

Peter Smith, a 55-year-old suicidal inmate with a history of self-harming was rushed to hospital after cutting off his own penis with a razor.

According to Daily Star UK, Peter Smith was found in his cell covered in blood with the severed member hanging by a thread at HMP Manchester.The ex-soldier was rushed to

The ex-soldier was rushed to the hospital where surgeons worked on him for 26 hours in a desperate bid to save the organ.

It has emerged the prisoner had a history of self-harming and that the razor used in the incident was reportedly issued to him by jail guards.

Now his devastated family are demanding answers after saying that only a week earlier he tried to slash his left wrist with a piece of plastic while in police custody.

Smith is now recovering on a prison hospital wing inside and his son, William, says he should be in a psychiatric unit.

William said:

“It is disgusting. The prison is not doing their care of duty.

“My dad should not be allowed a razor and he definitely should not be allowed on his own with a razor.”

He added his dad was arrested on July 7 on suspicion of possession of a firearm and drugs offences before appearing in court on July 10 – five days before the incident.

William, who says he is making an official complaint to the prison, also said the incident is being treated as a suicide attempt.

“One prisoner from HMP Manchester received treatment for injuries on 17 July at hospital.”

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