It is all fun and games until a side chick decides to ruin your wedding.

A man learnt the hard way that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ when his mistress turned up at his wedding to get her revenge.

According to witnesses, the man had promised to marry her but was also dating another girl at the time. When the side chick heard of his impending nuptials, she decided to don a wedding dress and attend the ceremony, demanding that he marries out.

During the whole fiasco, we can plainly see the aggrieved girlfriend insisting that she was not going anywhere while people tried to calm her down.

The bride, on the other hand, simply stood by and watched the drama go down. She decided to stay classy and not  get involved as her groom ran himself ragged while trying to calm the girl. Who should take the biggest blame in this scenario? The groom for making empty promises or the side chick who chose a pretty humiliating revenge?

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