According to reports on nairaland, a female student of the orthopedic department of the  college of health sciences and technology Ijero-Ekiti, was allegedly raped by group of male students numbering ten in number.

The complaint of the rape, was made by the girls parents when they both came to the school to complain to the school authorities that their daughter was raped by a group of ten male students in the bush within the school’s premises from around 3pm to around 8pm.

The incident, said to have occurred on the school’s rag day when a one of her fellow female students asked her to escort her to ease herself in the bush. Unknown to the girl, she was being led into the vicious hands of the waiting rapists who most people believed are dangerous cultist, armed robbers and serial rapist that has been terrorizing the College community and the people of the town.

The police, have however, been involved in the case and have since then started investigation into the case. The institution, have also effected the immediate suspension of the students 3 students believed to be part of a notorious gang. Alongside the three students who were suspended indefinitely from the institution, about nine other students have been given indefinite suspension from the institution indefinitely.

The provost of the College of Health Sciences and Technology, in a printed statement, mad this known to members of the institution. He also urged the staffs and students of the institution to be vigilant so as to protect lives and properties.


  1. This is extremely sad. Rape is immoral and barbaric. If you want to have sex by all means, go to a brothel and acquire the services of a prostitute. My thoughts are with the girl and her family. God be with them.

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